City of Keller Reaches $200,000 Settlement in Police Excessive Force Case


Keller (WBAP/KLIF) – The City of Keller has agreed to pay $200,000 to a man who was pepper-sprayed and arrested by two police officers while videotaping his son’s arrest last summer.  

Marco Puente filed a lawsuit alleging excessive force and illegal arrest in the Aug. 15 incident. His son Dillon had been pulled over for making a wide right turn. While recording his son’s arrest, Keller Police Sgt. Blake Shimanek ordered Officer Ankit Tomer to arrest the father and pepper spray him.

The incident was captured on a number of dash cam and body worn cameras. Charges against Puente and his son were dropped after the footage was reviewed.

The Keller police chief apologized for the actions of the officers. Shimanek was demoted to officer.

WATCH incident as it unfolds on August 15, 2020:

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