Texas Senate Passes Bill Giving Homeowners Right To Exercise Religious Freedoms

Austin (WBAP/KLIF)  – The Texas Senate has unanimously approved the Homeowners Religious Freedom Act.  It provides protection for

homeowners who wish to place certain religious displays in their front yard.  Republican State Senator Bettencourt sponsored the bill saying too many homeowners’ associations have adopted restrictive rules that would order the removal of religious displays on homeowners’ property. Representative Mike Schofield filed an identical bill in the Texas House.

“The HOA does not own your property and should not be in the business of placing overly burdensome restrictions on the free exercise of your religion,” said Senator Bettencourt “No one has a right to tell you that you cannot worship at your own home,” said State Rep. Mike Schofield, the author of the bill in the House. “Preventing someone from having a religious symbol on their own lawn is an infringement on freedom that is positively un-Texan, and it must stop.”

“The bottom line is simply that if a homeowner wants to display a Nativity Scene, put a Cross or Menorah on their door, or exercise their religious freedom, whatever their religion might be, a homeowners association should not have the right to prevent that,” concluded Senator Bettencourt.



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