Arlington PD Released Annual Report: Saw Uptick in Crime in 2020, Hopes New Strategy Will Reduce Crime

ARLINGTON (WBAP/KLIF)- The Arlington Police Department released its 2020 Annual Report to City Council and the community. This public report provides a robust look at how the department serves the Arlington community, highlights departmental and officer successes, and breaks down crime trends the city experienced during 2020.

Highlights of the report include:

  • A 7% reduction in overall crime and a 9% reduction in property crime;
  • A 4% increase in violent crime;
  • 36 gun cases adopted for federal prosecution through the department’s partnership with ATF;
  • A five-year average for newly hired officers of 61% racial and gender protected classes;
  • A new officer wellness initiative called “Blue Fit,” which encourages officers to get into shape physically and mentally to better serve the community;
  • How officers got creative to support citizens through community policing during a global pandemic.

In 2020, the department responded to 23 homicides, which was a 35% increase from 2019 where the homicide total was 17. Investigators were able to clear 17 of 23 cases by arrest, in addition to clearing three homicides from 2019, resulting in a 2020 clearance rate of 87%.
There are 6 homicide cases that remain unsolved at this time. Detectives determined that illicit drugs were correlated to five of the 23 homicides last year. Concerning victims, there were three females and 20 males.


Chief Al Jones recently reorganized the department. He says this plays a key role in the implementation of a new crime reduction strategy called “Operation Connect.”

“Operation connect,” seeks to reduce violent crime, serious injury and fatal crashes, and build positive relationships in neighborhoods.

Deputy Chief Christopher Cook said police now host briefings in residential neighborhoods and invite the community to attend.

“It’s a little different we’ve never done this before but we are seeing the community feels they are a part of this and can be our extra eyes ad ears,” said Deputy Chief Christopher Cook.

To view the full report, Click here

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