N. Texas Congresswoman Urges Biden To Go To Border

Courtesy: Beth Van Duyne (Facebook)

Irving (WBAP/KLIF) – Republican Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne is urging her supporters to sign a petition telling President Biden he must visit the border immediately.  In an email, Van Duyne says she visited the border recently and “I saw first-hand, the thousands of children crammed into profoundly inadequate holding facilities because that’s what Biden wanted. More than ever, I am infuriated at this disastrous situation created by Biden’s ineptitude.  He is putting the lives of these children and Americans at risk while he enriches drug cartels and human traffickers with tens of millions of dollars every day.”  Biden put VP Kamala Harris in charge of the border situation, but she has not visited either.  The White House continues to clarify she is focused on finding the root cause of the migration, not what’s going on right now.


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