Vaccination Demand Dropping, Experts Stress The Need To Get Your Second Shot

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF News) — Demand for coronavirus vaccinations are falling nationwide leading health experts to predict failure in the attempt to reach herd immunity. Part of the drop in demand is due to the steadily increasing numbers of adults who have already received shots but the new concern is people who get the first shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine but don’t return for the second.

Nationally, about 8% of people getting one dose have skipped returning for a second. White House adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Friday getting the second shot is vitally important in order to receive complete protection against the virus.

In Texas, the number of non-returnees is lower, at just 5%. The Texas Tribune reports as of April 25 570,399 residents who had received the first shot were 43 days or more past their due dates for a second injection.

The CDC says one shot provides 64% protection against hospitalization with COVID-19 but getting both shots increases the protection to 94%.

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