Voting Rights: Texas-Based Study of SB7 Concludes the Bill’s Impact Could Cost the Texas Billions


Tarrant County, TX (WBAP/KLIF) – Commenting on Texas Senate Bill 7 which would restrict voter access in Texas, among other things, Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley says the bill would make it harder for people to vote, and that representatives from the county are in Austin trying to make the case that the bill is not good for Texas or the county, according to The Fort Worth Sar Telegram.

Whitely’s comments come on the heels of a study by the Waco-based Perryman Group which looked at the economic impact of voting laws dating back over 55 years. It concludes that by 2025, Texas could lose over $16B in revenue from tourism and economic development because of the bill.

The study is titled: The Potential Economic Impact of Legislation Restricting Voter Access on Business Activity in Texas

According to the Perryman Group, “Laws which restrict voter access can have substantial negative economic consequences due to lost earnings and related reductions in consumer spending. In addition, irrespective of their stated purpose, controversial laws can also lead to reductions in travel and tourism and economic development.”

Amendments passed by the Texas House earlier this month were rejected on Monday by the bill’s main author, State Senator Bryan Hughes.

Republicans say the bill is about election security.

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