Inquiry Launched After Planned $300,000 Payment to Outgoing TWRD Chief

(Tarrant Regional Water Board)

Fort Worth (WBAP/KLIF) – Eyebrows are raised in Fort Worth over a proposed payment to the former head of the Tarrant Regional Water District.

Jim Oliver (TRWD)

The expenditure of an extra $300,000 in post-retirement compensation to Jim Oliver was approved by former board president Jack Stevens according to the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Oliver led the utility for over 35 years and announced his resignation in March.

Current board president Leah King flagged the payment as “improper and potentially illegal.” The plan came to light during a meeting Tuesday where king announced that Stevens had, quote, “unilaterally directed” the water district’s staff to make an exception to the paid leave policy.

TRWD attorneys are looking into the matter.

(This report contains material from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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