Over 300 Companies At NTX Job Fair Looking to fill 10k positions

IRVING (WBAP/KLIF)- Over 300 businesses are at the Irving Convention Center in Las Colinas looking to fill over 10,000 job positions.

Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne said she wanted to host this job fair after speaking with many businesses in the area who have said it’s been hard to hire employees and get back to normal.

“This pandemic has definitely taken a toll on all of us,” said Van Duyne. “But right now we have demand to open the economy back up. We have businesses here who are wanting to get back together,” she said.

She said what started out as an idea to have a few businesses at a library turned into a mega event.

“This was a wonderful community effort to bring all of these businesses here together. Now is not the time for party politics, now is the time to open up our economy, help struggling families get back in the game and get back to work,” she said.

The event was a huge success, the convention center was packed with job seekers and employers looking to hire. 

“It’s been rough. Business has ticked up which is fantastic but we don’t have the staff to do it. Fortunately this last month we have started to see a light at the end of the tunnel,” said Lacey Surrico with P.F. Changs. “Being able to fill up a list and seeing people eager and looking for jobs makes a huge difference and gives us the chance to take a breath instead of struggling through it,” she said.

Many people there were just happy to connect with people again and are hopeful for whats to come.

“It feels great that we are out and we are open. People are hiring, people are looking for work. It’s just a reminder that we are getting back to what we know as normal or maybe even better than it was before,” said Dave Custable with TriVAN Roofing.

If you missed the event, a list of the jobs is avaiable at MYNTXJOB.com

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