A Careless Dallas IT Worker is Looking for a New Job

Dallas (WBAP/KLIF) – The lone Dallas IT worker who was responsible for deleting a massive amount of Dallas police files, apparently had done it at least twice before. that worker is has been fired, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Officials reviewed the city’s complete data archive dating back to 2018 and discovered that the same worker also ‘accidentally’ deleted 13 terabytes of police files and 2 terabytes of city secretary office files.

Bill Zielinski, with Dallas’ IT services told The News that the files include police photos, videos and case notes.

Officials are hoping the data exists in hard copy form.

Kim Lampkins reports:

Meantime, in early August, it was revealed that about 14 terabytes of the 22 terabytes lost Dallas Police Department data were recovered but the remainder are believed to be lost forever.

The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office said the loss occurred in early April during the data migration of a police computer network drive.  The former worker responsible was not a DPD employee, but a City of Dallas worker.

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