Texas Death Row Inmate Wins Reprieve

ASSOCIATED PRESS – WBAP/KLIF – Texas death row inmate John Henry Ramirez won a last minute death sentence reprieve Wednesday night after the state turned down his request his pastor lay his hands on him as he was died in the chamber. The U S Supreme Court blocked the execution; Ramirez, condemned to die after conviction on murder charges in the stabbing death of a convenience store clerk 17 years ago. The state alleges Ramirez netted one dollar and 25 cents in the attack in Corpus Christi.

The High Court indicates it expects to review the case in October or November. Prosecutors say the clerk was stabbed 29 times, and that Ramirez, who fled to Mexico after the attack, had been high on drugs for three days at the time of the stabbing. Ramirez was captured more than three years after the attack.

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