Democrat Matthew Dowd Talks 2nd Amendment & Abortion

(WBAP/KLIF) — The man who wants Dan Patrick’s job talks second amendment rights. Democrat Matthew Dowd recently announced his run for Lieutenant Governor. He believes that currently elected Republicans are headed in the wrong direction when it comes to the constitution’s right to bear arms.

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Dowd believes more Texans who carry guns elevates the chance of mass shootings. The battle also rages across Texas and in several states across the nation on abortion rights. The Texas Heartbeat Bill was struck down last week by a judge in Austin, just to be reinstated Friday by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Dowd believes a woman’s right to choose should come first and that elected officials shouldn’t impose their way into the decision to end a pregnancy.

And, following the shooting at Timberview high school in Arlington, Texans are concerned about gun violence. The Democrat also says Republicans made a grave mistake in making it easier for residents to carry handguns. He feels red flag laws, universal background checks and eliminating the permitless carry law will make Texas a safer place. Dowd, who appeared on WFAA’s “Inside Texas Politics”, believes he represents the feelings of most Texans.

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