Pennsylvania Man Gets Reward after Submitting Election Fraud Tip to Lt. Gov Dan Patrick

(Photo: Eric Frank)

(WBAP/KLIF) – Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has issued his first reward related to fraud in last November’s election.

Following the 2020 election, Patrick announced that he had set aside a million dollars of campaign money as potential rewards for election fraud tips that led to a conviction.

Eric Frank, a poll watcher in Pennsylvania, reported an elderly man voting twice.

“I was the lead witness in court, and then things just kind of sat for a while,” Frank told WBAP/KLIF News.

The man eventually pleaded guilty and Frank got a $25,000 check from ‘Texans for Dan Patrick.’

The reward was the minimum amount offered but Patrick’s campaign adviser, Allen Blakemore, said the big money is for more systemic fraud.

“Somebody who uncovers a ring of people, or somebody who is involved in multiple ballots being cast,” Blakemore said.

So far, Frank’s reward is the only one, but Blakemore said the offer still stands.

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