Police Seek Help in Tragic Highway 20 Hit and Run

DALLAS – WBAP/KLIF – One woman is dead, two others with her are taken to an area hospital early Sunday morning after a hit and run on Highway 20 westbound between McCart and James Avenues.

Fort Worth Police say the hit and run happened about 2:19 am. They believe the trio of women had a fender bender and/or car trouble, and began walking along the highway to get help. They believe a vehicle plowed into the trio and then left the scene; leaving one woman pronounced dead on the side of the road, and the other two taken to an area hospital.

Police do not release a description of the vehicle they believe was involved in the hit and run; they ask the public for help – either someone who saw the accident, knows of it, or knows someone that has vehicle damage consistent with hitting three people.

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