Downtown Arlington’s Urban Union District is Expanding

ARLINGTON (WBAP/KLIF)- Dodson Commercial Real Estate announced today the latest and most ambitious expansion of Downtown Arlington’s Urban Union district. The expansion includes five new mixed-use buildings set to house restaurants, retails, and apartments — spanning 50,000 square feet along Front Street. The Urban Union addition will expand the district to the West along Front Street, connecting it to the Vandergriff town Center, resulting in 5 city blocks of walkable, downtown charm.

“The redevelopment of Front Street in downtown Arlington has been such a fun and rewarding experience for our company. The 50,000 square foot addition is the next step in our vision for the Urban Union district. It will continue the theme of a walkable downtown Arlington full of vibrant, locally owned business,” said Ryan Dodson said Dodson Commercial Real Estate Managing Partner. “One of our favorite components of the project is our partnership with local public accounting firm Sutton Frost Cary LLP and the ability to relocate their company Headquarters to the district. Downtown Arlington is truly becoming a live, work, play district — we’re happy to play a role in its renaissance,” he said.

Dodson will construct a 21,000 + sq ft, two-story office building at the Southeast corner of Front and Mesquite Streets for Sutton Frost Cary LLP. Their headquarter will occupy the 11,000 sq ft, second story with the remaining footprint available to rent for other professional offices or restaurant concepts seeking to do business in the Urban Union district.

When asked about the decision to relocate their office, Sutton Frost Cary Partner Paul Cary said, “We have proudly been in business for more than 30 years. Our company has experienced significant growth over recent years resulting in a team of 50 individuals. We need a space built for our current operations and space for our continued growth. Sutton Frost Cary LLP is excited to be joining the efforts of Dodson CRE and the other businesses and individuals investing in the revitalization of downtown Arlington and, more specifically, the Urban Union and Urban Front community.”

Dodson says this expansion will keep the momentum going and hopes to attract more local entrepreneurs.

“We are developing a district that’s an ideal location for local entrepreneurs and business owners to open up a shop and what we’ve seen during covid is ‘the return to local’ and I think that’s going to continue,” said Dodson. “I think that’s why people are drawn to this area. It’s local, it’s eclectic, there’s no national chains down here we just appeal to local and independent concepts,” he said.

Dodson is excited to welcome the following new businesses joining Sutton Frost Cary LLP in the Urban Union expansion: Spiral Diner, Doughboy Donuts, Cow Tipping Creamery, and Coop’s Fowl Ball (a new sports bar concept featuring a family-friendly menu). In addition to street-level retail, shops, restaurants, and offices, the expansion also features 24 loft apartment units on the second and third floors.

Expects to see construction summer of 2022 and have tenants moved in by late 2022.