Hundreds of Homeowners Show Support at Tarrant County Appraisal Meeting for Embattled Fort Worth Realtor Under Investigation

TARRANT COUNTY (WBAP/KLIF News ) – Hundreds of homeowners rallied at the Tarrant County Appraisal District Thursday amid the investigation into a Fort Worth realtor known for helping at least 90,000 residents protest their property tax appraisals for free.

The district is investigating accusations against Chandler Crouch, a property tax consultant and licensed realtor, that claim he intentionally mislead members of the Tarrant Area Review Board during a hearing over a market value protest in 2021.

TAD Director of Residential Appraisal Randy Armstrong and TAD Executive Director Jeff Law filed complaints against Crouch in November 2021. The pair used official Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation letterhead and filed the complaint on county time.

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Tarrant County resident Richard Sutterfield attended the meeting and said he feels the accusations are based on an agenda.

“They’re not happy I guess that he’s saving citizens money and taking it away from the county,” he siad.

Crouch said the allegations against him are false. Sutterfield said it’s a shame to smear someone who has helped so many people.

“He just is a tireless worker. I think it’s wrong that they put him under this bogus claim that he’s trying to make money for himself,” he said.

Some residents called on Armstrong and Law to resign. A second board meeting is scheduled for August 12.

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