Embattled School Police Chief/Uvalde Resigns from City Council

Pete Arredondo, Police Chief, Uvalde Consolidated ISD (WFAA)

UVALDE LEADER-NEWS – (WBAP/KLIF) – The Uvalde Leader-News reports embattled Schools Police Chief Pete Arredondo – widely blamed by political leaders for reportedly disallowing police to go into the elementary school and engage with a gunman that killed 19 children and 2 teachers – has resigned another controversial position with the Uvalde City Council.

Arredondo was sworn in to that city council seat in a closed door session of the city council, after the school massacre. Arredondo was placed on leave from the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District last week.

Arredondo is quoted as saying “The mayor, the city council and the city staff must continue to move forward without distractions. I feel this is the best decision for Uvalde”.

Arredondo was elected to the Uvalde City Council May 7th; sworn in a week after the May 24th shooting. Texas police and investigative officials quickly blamed Arredondo at least in part for the elementary school slaughter, charging Arredondo ordered some arriving police not to enter the classroom where the gunman was reported to be continuing to shoot children and teachers in two classrooms. Arredondo has not publicly resigned as head of the schools police force.

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