Heat Exposure Increases Among Teens and Kids

Hot weather causes more heat-related illnesses in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, TX (WBAP/KLIF) – First responders are seeing heat exposure cases increase among young people. As temperatures remain hot, Matt Zavadsky with MedStar says more kids are getting treated for this illness.

“We know that this is an issue and kids are going to be out doing things after school that they might not have done all summer. They need to just follow the same tips that we have been providing everyone all summer long about staying well hydrated, wearing light-colored, and loose fitting clothing. As a way to prevent them from getting a heat related emergency,” said Matt Zavadsky.

MedStar treated 51 teens and kids for a heat-related illness. Furthermore, 24 were transported to area hospitals, and 11 had a serious condition.

In two weeks, there’s been an overall 97 percent change in their emergency responses. Including 501 transports, 129 serious cases, and 29 critical cases.

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