Texas Executes Inmate Who Won Prayer Rule Legal Battle

UPDATE: Texas executed the inmate who won a legal battle to have his pastor beside him in the death chamber, despite the efforts of the Nueces County District Attorney who tried to stop it.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice said 38-year-old John Ramirez died by lethal injection in Hunstville last night.

In March, the US Supreme Court ruled Ramirez’ religious freedom right was being violated, thus allowing his pastor in the chamber when he died.

Prosecutors said Ramirez robbed 46-year-old Pablo Castro, a Corpus Christi convenience store clerk, of $1.25 and stabbed him 29 times during a three-day drug binge.

Before the execution, the Nueces County District Attorney asked a judge to withdraw the death warrant, saying it had been requested by mistake.

HUNTSVILLE (WBAP/KLIF News ) – A Texas death row inmate is scheduled to be executed on Wednesday despite the objection of the Nueces County District Attorney.

An assistant prosecutor reportedly requested a death warrant for 38-year-old John Ramirez without the consent of DA Mark Gonzalez.

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles unanimously voted this week to deny clemency for Ramirez.

His execution has been delayed three times but a judge did grant his request to allow his pastor to be alongside him in the death chamber.

Texas initially denied that request but the US Supreme Court found the state violated Ramirez’ religious liberties. He’s set to die by lethal injection.

Ramirez was convicted of capital murder in 2008 and given the death penalty for the 2004 robbery and murder of a Corpus Christi convenience store clerk Pablo Castro.

Prosecutors said Ramirez stabbed Castro 29 times during a drug-fueled robbery spree with two women, adding that the robbery netted only $1.25.

Advocates against the death penalty are taking to social media to speak out against Ramirez’ execution.

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