Two North Texas School Districts Shorten School Week

(WBAP/KLIF) – Two school districts on the outskirts of the metroplex are shortening their week next school year.

Anna ISD and Terrell ISD will adjust their schedules beginning in August by extending the school day, and doing away with Friday classes.

Terrell Superintendent Georgeanne Warnock told WBAP/KLIF News that for her Kaufman County district, the strategy is meant to help recruit teachers.

“We’re a little bit further out and we compete with districts that are larger and have more resources than we do,” said Warnock. “We believe this is an incentive that we can provide to bring great teachers to Terrell ISD, and keep the excellent staff that we have in place.”

Warnock said the idea of the four day school week is nothing new, and began week began in mostly rural districts . Finances and limited resources were typically the reasons for the adjusted schedule. But, according to Warnock, teachers seem to like the concept, and bigger school districts are beginning to get on board.

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