Fidelity Investments Bringing Another 500 Jobs to DFW

(WBAP/KLIF) — Fidelity Investments is hiring 4,000 new employees nationwide, with new details on the 500 slated for Westlake, Texas.

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More details emerge about the types of jobs coming to DFW with the expansion of Fidelity Investments. According to Fidelity Vice-President Stacy Guerin, the well-paying jobs are in technology, business, and customer service. Guerin says the 500 new jobs will boost the Westlake campus over the next six months, putting the facility at around 9,000 workers.

Guerin says the company is looking to fill a wide range of positions that cover a wide range of disciplines, including customer service, technology, and business with benefits that include extended parental leave, fertility and adoption assistance, as well as higher education aid. The added jobs are intended to allow Fidelity to continue to invest in new products and capabilities for its customers.

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