Medical City Fort Worth Adds $12-Million Addition

(WBAP/KLIF) — The Medical City Healthcare System continued its major capital investment initiative to spend over $1.5 billion on expansion and enhancements.

Medical City Fort Worth Orthopedic & Neuroscience Medical Surgical Unit

Tarrant County residents have a brand new facility for orthopedic and neuroscience care. Medical City Fort Worth, Thursday, opened a nearly 25,000 square-foot Orthopedics and Neuroscience Medical Surgical unit. CEO John Hoover says the new addition enhances the hospital’s capacity. The $12 million addition is dedicated to the care of orthopedic and neuroscience patients and brings the hospital’s total bed count to 378.

The facility includes 30 spacious patient rooms, an ample waiting area for visitors, and a gym for group-based physical and occupational therapy.

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Medical City Fort Worth Orthopedic & Neuroscience Surgery Center