Two Bodies Found in Border Buoy Barrier System

(WBAP/KLIF) — Border officials indicate that two bodies have been recovered from the marine barriers in the Rio Grande River.

Texas DPS Buoy Barrier System in Rio Grande River – (Photo courtesy of WFAA)

Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that authorities from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) notified Mexican officials in Eagle Pass, Wednesday, that a body was found stuck in the southern part of the buoy barrier system in the Rio Grande River.

So far, the cause of death and nationality of the victim is unknown, however DPS Director Steve McCraw released a statement, Thursday, saying “preliminary information suggests this individual drowned upstream from the marine barrier and floated into the buoys.” A second body was also recovered Wednesday.

The government of Mexico continues to protest the buoys as a violation of its sovereignty.

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Texas DPS Buoy Barrier System in Rio Grande River. (Photo courtesy of WFAA)