Dallas Airport System to Celebrate Black History Month

The Dallas Airport System is working to celebrate Black History Month.

They’re hosting a series of events to commemorate Black History Month at both Dallas Love Field and Dallas Executive Airport.

The Department of Aviation is set to host a pioneering career development day at the commemorative air force which will feature a panel discussion.

A Divine 9 art installation will also be placed in the airports as well. The Divine 9 consists of nine historically Black greek-letter organizations which hold significant historical and cultural importance within the African- American community because of their contributions in advancing education, service and leadership.

The display can be viewed through February 29 between the TSA security screening checkpoint and baggage claim on the terminal’s public side.

Upcoming Events:

February 22- The Department of Aviation (DOA) is set to host a pioneering career development day at the Commemorative Air Force – Henry B. Tippie National Aviation Education Center. The event will welcome the City of Dallas’ Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) graduates, Divine 9 members, and Black Employee Support Team (BEST) employees. The day will feature a range of sessions, including welcome remarks from the City Manager, a panel discussion with HBCU and Divine 9 Elected Officials and area business leaders, an RBD airport tour, and wellness workshops.

February 28- DAS will present the inaugural “Leaps & Bounds” all-day event at Frontiers of Flight Museum in collaboration with the Dallas Independent School District (DISD). This educational workshop will host Captain Barrington Irving – a 2X Guinness World Records holder and an aviation trailblazer who will share his passion and insights with DISD administrators, faculty/staff, and 250 middle and high school students.

The workshop will address students’ perennial question: “When will I ever use what I learned in school in my real life?” Attendees will depart with various giveaways, including a personalized book signed by Captain Irving, inspiring the participating students.

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