Dallas Love Field Among Nation’s First Airports To Receive New Safety Technology

Following several “near misses” between planes at airports around the nation since 2023, the FAA is announcing Dallas Love Field, Austin Bergstrom International Airport, airports at Nashville and Indianapolis will be among the first to receive new airfield surveillance technology that should reduce the risk of runway collisions in improving the awareness of air traffic controllers.

The Federal Aviation Administration says it’s plans to implement the SAI system, or “Surface Awareness Initiative” at the first four airports by the end of this year; scores of additional airports are due to receive it by the end of 2025.

SAI works by putting on display for controllers data that shows aircraft and ADS-B-equipped vehicles as icons on maps, displaying runways, taxiways,hold ramps and additional areas as well.

The FAA has also been hiring many new air traffic controllers, since many decided to move into retirement during or after the Covid pandemic. 1,500 were hired in 2023, and the FAA says it’s on track to hire an additional 1,800 air traffic controllers by the end of this year.

Also planned with safety in mind, tens of millions of dollars in equipment for improved runway lighting and surface upgrade at small, medium and large airports.