Lara Trump to Newsmax: Trump’s Alleged Crime an ‘Accounting Error’

Appearing on Newsmax on Thursday, Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump criticized the venue selection for former President Donald Trump’s trial, alleging bias and portraying his alleged crime as the prosecution of an accounting error meant to sideline him from the campaign trail.

“Yeah, well, they know if they actually move this trial to any other area of this country, … you would possibly get a fair trial,” Trump said on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “And let alone this wouldn’t even see the light of day. You have to think about the fact that this is a case where they’re alleging that there was some sort of an accounting error.

“There was somebody who wrote down in an accounting ledger the wrong information, and that is why they’re holding hostage Donald Trump, the former president and current Republican nominee, in a courtroom,” she added.

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