Rep. Van Drew to Newsmax: Not Time for Leadership Change

It’s not the time to make a leadership change in the House and removing the speaker now is “only a sideshow,” says Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J.

“I wasn’t happy with the FISA bill. I was deeply disturbed by what happened there. I didn’t like the last appropriations bills, deeply disturbed there as well. And I don’t like what we’re doing as far as foreign aid, and we can talk about that a little bit more, but this is not the time to remove the speaker,” Van Drew said Thursday during an appearance on Newsmax’s “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE.”

“I’m gonna tell you why, and I’ve spoken to President [Donald] Trump about this. This is a time where we focus on one word: winning. We have to get a more robust and conservative majority in the House of Representatives. We have to win the United States Senate, and we have to win the presidency. If we do that, then we really can accomplish something. To remove the speaker now is only a sideshow. It will only create more problems. It will only show America that supposedly we can’t lead. That’s not what we want. We need to focus. This is the time this is the place to save our republic,” he added.

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