Robyn Geske

From the time she was a very young child, Robyn always knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. So, like any snarky kid destined to be a journalist, she didn’t want to have to wait that long. Robyn began her career in news at the age of 16, at KWTX-TV in her hometown of Waco.

During the next more than two decades, Robyn has worked in both TV and Radio, behind the scenes and on air, and even had a stint as a sports reporter. She’s lived in every major city in Texas (and most of the minor ones!) and has gotten to cover countless historic events as they unfolded. Through it all, she says one thing has never changed: “I still love my job,” she says.

Robyn is a lover of Presidential trivia, Houston Astros baseball and PBS. She’s often said that seeing a World Series game in person can change a person’s life, and she can often be found arguing against the designated hitter rule. She says she silently corrects everyone’s grammar, and will visibly cringe if you text her using shortcuts or numbers in place of words. She’s a huge non-fiction reader as well.

When she’s not writing or reading the news in the studio, Robyn’s usually writing or reading the news someplace else. “I’m a student of history,” she always says. “What can I say?”

Robyn, her four year old Maggie and cat, Walter, live in Fort Worth.